CSR in practice every day

Are you looking for a sustainable partner in toilet hygiene? Look no further. At Vendor, Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated into our day-to-day operational management in a clear and practical manner. All our products and services are methodically checked for their impact on society and the environment. CSR Performance Ladder level 4 certification by the independent Veritas agency is the proof of this.

CSR Performance Ladder level 4

Vendor attaches great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and strives to be sustainableMVO 4-UK in all respects. In order to achieve that, Vendor has implemented a CSR management system which has been independently checked and certified on the basis of CSR Performance Ladder level 4. This certification standard, inspired by the international ISO 26000 standard, renders the term 'CSR' objective, demonstrable and concrete.

Within its CSR management system, Vendor strives for added value at social, environmental and economic levels (People, Planet, Profit). The themes 'responsible governance', 'working conditions', 'human rights', 'honest entrepreneurship', 'consumer issues', 'environment' and 'commitment to society' are key. Within the certified CSR management systems, these themes have been integrated into Vendor's policy in a concrete and practical way. In this regard, ongoing communication with stakeholders is an important principle in order to actively and effectively meet the expectations placed on Vendor. As such, CSR is an integral part of Vendor's operational management, with the goal being ongoing development based on measurable and verifiable performance.

ISO certifications

Vendor is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, which means it meets strict requirements in terms of quality BV ISO9001-ISO14001 cmanagement and environmental management. In the design, purchasing and production of Vendor products, we continually strive to further improve our environmental performance.

Sustainable products

By adhering to strict environmental standards in the selection of raw materials and production, for example, Vendor guarantees a sustainable product range and service provision. This has led to various certifications. For example, our toilet tissue and paper towels carry the Nordic Swan label and our soaps have been awarded the European Ecolabel.

NordicEcolabel Logo          Europees ecolabel          c2c silver

Recycling dispensers

Vendor is a responsible choice when it comes to the environment. Vendor's dispensers, for example, are made from recyclable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and have a very long lifespan. If you opt for a service agreement, we will take the dispensers back at the end of their lifespan and take care of recycling for you.

Social commitment

Vendor sponsors events which contribute to its CSR objectives. Our preference is for events which do not impact on the environment (running, cycling, etc.) and which are focused on sustainability. Half of our sponsorship budget goes towards supporting charities. In this way, Vendor demonstrates its social commitment.

Support for charities

In addition, Vendor supports two charitable institutions: Humana and Villa Pardoes. We make a donation with every new service agreement signed - customers indicate their preferred charity themselves. Additionally, Vendor offers Aim2Help toilet paper; for every box sold, we give money to the chosen charity. In this way, we contribute towards good care for people, environment and society.

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