1. In this disclaimer the following words have the following meaning: 
    the web page: each web page in which the distributor includes a hyperlink tot his disclaimer under the intention to make this disclaimer valid for this hyperlink, as well as all other web pages of this distributor;
    the distributor: the authorised distributor of the web page;
    use (to use): amongst others loading, logging in, entering, consulting, reading, looking, listening, altering, filling out (forms), sending, copying (including temporarily), saving, sending, spreading, making use of services, acts in law (for example buying, renting);
    you: the (represented) natural or legal person using the web page; 
    the content: amongst others text, pictures, hyperlinks, sound and or video parts and/or other objects; 
    damages: direct or indirect damages of any kind, amongst others lost data and subjects, lack of turnover, profit or other economic disadvantages.
  2. The subsequent is applicable to the web page and your use of it. By using the web page you agree with this disclaimer.
  3. The distributor aims to update and/or add the content of the web page on a regular basis. Despite of this care and attention, it is possible that the content of this web page is incomplete and/or wrong.
  4. The distributor delivers the content of the web page in the actual state, without guarantee with regards to the virtue, appropriateness for a certain cause or otherwise. The content is experimental and is intended for private use.
  5. The distributor is not responsible for damages that arise or are to arise and results from or in any way are related to the use of the web page or any flaws or missing items with the impossibility to consult the web page, or, as a consequence of problems arising or related to spreading information through the internet. Further, the distributor does not accept liability for any damages that are suffered as a consequence of the use of data, advice or ideas supplied by or on behalf of the distributor via the web page.
  6. The distributor is allowed to change or delete the web page at its own way and at any time he requires, without notification upfront. The distributor is not liable for any consequences of change or termination.
  7. As per this disclaimer, the distributor is not responsible for any known files of third parties related to the web page. Connection does not mean corroboration of the files. Further, the distributor does not accept responsibility for the content of other web sites referred to through a hyperlink or in any other way.
  8. Unauthorised or improper use of the web page of the content of the web page, may lead to a violation in the broadest sense of the word. You are responsible for the information you transfer from the web page.
  9. The distributor maintains the right to withhold you from use of the web page and/or certain services offered on this web page. Further to that, the distributor can monitor the access to the web page.
  10. You will protect the distributor, his employees, representatives, licensees, trade partners and the author of this disclaimer against, and safeguard them from judicial and non-judicial measures, convictions etc, including the costs for legal help, accountants etc, initiated by third parties as a consequence of or related to the use of the web page, your breach on any legal regulation and/or the rights of third parties.
  11. If any information on the web page is also made available in writing, the printed version of the text will be binding in case of differences in text. The distributor does not guarantee that any e-mails or other electronic messages are received and processed in time and does not accept liability for the consequences of not receiving messages or receiving/processing them too late.

C mr. F.J. Van Eeckhoutte, ICT/IE-advocaat, Amersfoort, www.vaneeckhoutteadvocaten.nl

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