Sabine Thuysbaert - CEO Vendor

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Continuation of commercial policy

As per May 1st, Sabine Thuysbaert (49) was appointed as Managing Director of the Vendor Holding. Since October 2012, Thuysbaert was Country Director of Vendor Belgium and Luxemburg. During this period, the Belgian company showed an impressive growth despite a stagnating market. Focus on the French-speaking market and Luxemburg has also shown the desired result. By choosing Thuysbaert, the Board of Directors emphasizes the wish and intention to continue commercial policy indicated by her.

Track record
Before Thuysbaert started at Vendor, she fulfilled various management positions within service organisations. She is known as a human and dedicated manager. Besides this, since November 2013, she is active in the Board of IFMA Belgium, the professional union for Facility Managers.

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Sabine Thuysbaert - CEO Vendor
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