Vendor introduces Black Vision

Friday, 24 November 2017

Timeless elegance for your washroom

Vendor are delighted to introduce a new line of black washroom dispensing units: Black Vision. These timeless, elegant, and above all, stylish dispensing unit will enhance every washroom thanks to their design and polished finish.

The Black Vision line consists of stylish and strong dispensers that can be topped up before they are empty and are easy to clean. As a result, your visitors are guaranteed to have toilet tissue and the availability to clean and dry their hands at all times. Besides, with the smart paper towel dispenser there will be no visible waste in the washroom as all the used paper towel is stored inside this stylish cabinet, so that everybody can enjoy a fresh and hygienic washroom for longer.

Vendor dispensers are very strong and suitable for use in all areas including high-traffic locations. This advantage in combination with the attractive design of the Black Vision line offers visitors an optimal washroom experience.

The advantages of the Black Vision line:

  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Robust Units
  • Easy to clean
  • Ease of Refilling at any time
  • Guaranteed availability of toilet paper, hand paper and soap
  • Sustainable

Sustainable in every way

The Vendor Black Vision line offers sustainability in many ways because Vendor gives reusability - a central place in its organization. Dispensing units that are returned to Vendor as a result of, for example, a stock surplus, end of contract or an exchange, get a second life from Vendor. These dispensers are inspected extensively, refurbished, cleaned and after a 100% technical inspection they receive the attractive Black Vision look. This gives you an ideal combination of both the advantages of the high-quality of the Vendor products and at the same time helps to save the use of primary raw materials by extending the life of already used materials. In other words: it means a direct and visible contribution to your sustainability objectives. Of course the quality is fully guaranteed by Vendor

Extensive product range

The Black Vision line includes an extensive product range offering solutions for hand drying, hand cleansing, toilet tissue, toilet brush, waste or air freshening. At this moment the following dispensers are available*:

  • IQ towel cabinet Vision
  • Autocut paper dispenser
  • Folding hand towel dispenser Vision
  • Mini waste bin Vision, with or without lid
  • Soap dispenser Vision
  • Foam soap dispenser Vision
  • Digital air freshener
  • Toilet tissue dispenser Vision, horizontal and vertical
  • Toilet seat cleaner
  • Toilet brush set and toilet brush
  • Hygienic bag holder Vision

* Products are available as from mid-January and non-listed products can be supplied upon request.

Vendor introduces Black Vision
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