Sanitary disposal bin

The Vendor sanitary disposal bin is an innovative product within the toilet hygiene market which has been developed in-house. Elegantly designed, this product is unique thanks to the patented non-touch foot pedal operation and is therefore a hygienic solution. The container can easily be hung at three different heights, making it easy to clean your floors (easier to keep your floors clean). Naturally, you can also place the container on the floor or choose to attach it to the wall without the foot pedal (touch-model). For extra user convenience, the Vendor sanitary disposal bin opens and closes with a delay effect.

As well as the white sanitary disposal bin, you can also opt for Metal.

Hygienic system

Your Vendor sanitary disposal bin has a capacity of approximately 20 litres and a handy wide filling opening which does not allow a view of the interior. Perfume-impregnated pellets neutralise unpleasant smells.

Benefits and characteristics

  • Non-touch thanks to unique foot pedal operation
  • The foot pedal also functions as a wall bracket
  • Mechanical operation; no faults, no batteries
  • Lid opens and closes with a delay effect
  • Less risk of blocked pipes
  • Handy wide filling opening with no view of interior
  • Contains perfume-impregnated pellets to neutralise unpleasant smells
  • Wall-hung position makes it easier to keep your floor clean
  • Stylish design combined with 20-litre capacity
  • 3 attachment heights possible
  • Optional: hanging or standing versions

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 Bron: VSR, november 2002

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Sanitary disposal bin
Sanitary disposal bin
Sanitary disposal bin
Sanitary disposal bin
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