With Vendor, you are not only assured of optimum toilet hygiene. You also have the opportunity to effectively communicate with your toilet users. Research has amply demonstrated the positive impact of marketing and other communication in the toilet area. You can reinforce your identity with towel cabinets and toilet roll dispensers in your house style colour, along with your logo if you wish. You can also add an advertising message or a message to your staff. Experience, house style, marketing and information come together in the Vendor Specials!



Your own (house) style

Your organisation has its own identity, which is reflected in your letter paper, website, invoices, etc. You can reinforce your identity with towel cabinets in your house style colour, possibly along with your logo or other image mark. With Vendor, your toilet area is the calling card of your organisation, so serving to improve your brand image!

Special Plus

Maximum experience

Experience is emotion. Where is emotion experienced more than in a sports stadium or at a gripping dance performance in a beautiful theatre? What could be better than seeing that same emotion reflected in the toilet area? You can achieve this with the Special Plus, the towel cabinet that breathes the atmosphere of your organisation and guarantees an eye-catching presence in the toilet areas.


Create your own communication platform


We live in an information society. How can you be sure your information finds its way to your target group? The answer is as simple as it is effective: via the toilets. Because everyone regularly visits the 'little room'. Even better is combining communication with your chosen hand-drying functionality; striking and guaranteed to hold the attention! With the Messenger, you can make up your message in A4 format yourself, print it and very simply attach it behind the transparent front of the hand towel dispenser. Change it as often as you like!

Messenger Plus

An effective advertising medium

In a world full of impulses, it is becoming ever harder for advertisers to effectively reach their target groups. However, everyone uses the toilet and toilets therefore offer unique advertising opportunities! Research* shows that nearly three-quarters of toilet users can remember an advertising medium they saw in the toilets. When confronted with appealing products and services through toilet advertising, no fewer than 79% of consumers said they were prepared to go and get more information from an internet address stated on the poster.

With the Messenger Plus, your brand, campaign or poster will stand out on the front of the towel cabinet and toilet roll dispenser. A guaranteed message with proven positive associations - the way to effectively reach your target group with a low investment.

The towel cabinet is also available combined with a mirror.

Why not take a look at our Vision, Tradition, Metal and Colours product lines too?

*Research by Intomart Gfk 2007

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